Audio Enhancement instead of yelling

Audio Enhancement Improves Student Success

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Losing a student’s attention in the classroom can trigger a cascade of negative consequences, from lower test scores to increased on-task time needed to absorb educational material. One of the major contributors to loss of attention in the classroom is simply that the students can’t hear the lesson. Increasingly, educators are turning to audio enhancement as a way to improve student engagement.

Hear Better, Learn More

Students answering teacher's questions in classroomClassroom audio solutions can be customized according to need, but there are some basics that should be met. For instance, Read More

Connection plugs and wires used in auto switching

Auto Switching for Smoother, Easier Presentations

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Unified AV designs auto switching into sophisticated meeting rooms. With all of the different types of technology available today, people are looking for new ways to connect and share collaborative multimedia presentations. Whether you are teaching in school or presenting information in the boardroom, this approach keeps your audience more interested and engaged.

bad connectionsUnfortunately, some of those benefits dissipate when gaps form between presenters or input devices. One way to minimize this problem is to utilize auto switching. Building a system that includes and uses an auto switcher keeps your presentations transitioning smoothly and lets you build more content in as you go.

Plug and Play

When auto switching is part of your system, you can shift easily between connection types without having to Read More

SMART Amp & Smart Education are Simply Electrifying

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A hungry mind should be fed all the knowledge it can consume. From the days of card catalogs to today’s internet search engines, technology has opened a world of information for the world to devour. Teachers around the globe are embracing innovative new technologies to ensure their students’ minds never starve in the quest for knowledge.

To that end, SMART Technologies has created an impressive selection of hardware and software tools worth noting. Leading the BYOD (bring your own device) in schools’ revolution, SMART software and hardware systems make it easy for students to connect, collaborate, and absorb knowledge like no other generation before. This is imperative in today’s fast-paced, high-information classroom.

  • Smart content accessed at board and BYODSmart Amp – A simple web-based learning platform that makes collaboration a breeze. Designed to be compatible with a wide variety of devices, it easily fits within the BYOD education model. It also gives teachers valuable insight into their students’ learning processes, which helps them tailor lessons to acquire the knowledge to take them them to the next level.
  • Smart Notebook – One of the toughest tasks teachers face is creating solid lesson plans. SMART Notebook makes lesson planning an easier task by providing access to a wide variety of proven lesson plans and materials. They can download these materials and use them as-is or modify them as needed. In addition, they have the tools to create their own custom lessons to complement specific course standards.

SMART boards support multiple usersNaturally, these industry-leading programs need a place to be displayed that integrates the software with instinctive interaction techniques. These programs are incorporated into SMART’s cutting-edge hardware tools such as the SMART Board and SMART Interactive Flat Panels. Having large, high resolution surfaces, tools like these make interacting with content something everyone can do. Whether a student is demonstrating their work at the front of the class, sitting at their desk, or recovering from the flu at home, it’s crucial to have reliable and user friendly tools that can make teaching and learning fun, collaborative, and informative. Equally important, the content must be easily synced to BYOD devices without any quality loss or delay.

Unified AV Systems proudly offers Smart Technologies’ education tools for our clients. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the way they fit into the BYOD In Schools model.

Middle Atlantic, Shure, and QSC- Together Changing the Face of Telecommunication

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The Backbone of the Change in How We Communicate

Collaboration is happening everywhere – from teams gathering for impromptu meetings in huddle spaces to classrooms being rearranged for active learning, these spaces demand top of the line technology with a solid furniture foundation. Our manufacturers are developing these items to meet today’s rapidly changing needs of business communication.

AV Ready Furniture is the Foundation

Middle Atlantic’s HUB table is an all-inclusive canvas that facilitates connectivity between multiple communication devices, giving you the highest quality meeting space possible.  It is designed to maximize equipment and cable storage and is built for system reliability, with color options that blend seamlessly into any environment. Some of the standard features included on every HUB table are:

  • TechPed table support- a technology pedestal providing 4RU of rackmounting, as well as space for cable retractors, power distribution, and a Lever Lock plate for small device mounting.
  • Wiremold’s InteGreat table box- this recessed box provides power and data for easy BYOD table top connections.
  • Wall display mount that will accommodate up to a 55 inch flat panel display

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Unified Communications – Connect, Communicate and Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow!

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BYOD Devices for Unified CollaborationsThe Shift to Unified Communications

2016 was a year of paradigm shift in communications technology adoption. The year saw business communications shift from traditional, on-premise devices, such as PBX phone systems and codec-based videoconferencing systems, to desktop and mobile devices. Connectivity and convergence between devices and platforms became simpler and more seamless in 2016.  Also, the move to, and acceptance of, Vintage phone in contrast to today's Unified Collaborationsweb-based (cloud) communication services has helped simplify and encourage people to use  video communications in their day-to-day work. Allowing people to communicate anywhere, anytime, on any device through any corporate, public or cellular network  truly offers individuals a new way of “connected” life. This allows employees to attend, and participate in, a conversation, meeting or training in high resolution video with quality audio from any device.

With Unified Communications becoming “the norm” in the workplace today,  email and the desk phone are no longer the quickest and most effective way to communicate. In 2016, we saw some clients do away with office phones altogether, in favor of Microsoft Skype for Business and/or Cisco Spark, which can run on a desktop, laptop and/or mobile device…simultaneously!

Connected Living in Your Organization

“Connected Living” describes how consumers Read More

Employee Engagement EIB Award – Why Our Clients Care

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Employee Engagement EIB Award Goes to Unified AV Systems

Scott Wood Accepts EIB Award for Employee Engagement

Scott Wood Accepts NSCA Excellence in Business Award for Employee Engagement on behalf of Unified AV

Earlier this month, NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) held their 19th annual Business and Leadership Conference in Chandler, Arizona. The conference is designed to allow integration professionals to collaborate with each other and develop strategies for improving their business. In addition to the great discussions within the group, several presenters talked about obstacles systems integrators face every day. With almost 400 attendees representing firms in the US and Canada, everyone left with many ideas to improve their business.

During the conference, NSCA announced the winners for the 2017 “Excellence in Business” awards. This honor is given to the integration firms that have shown their dedication to making improvements in specific categories.  Unified AV Systems had the privilege of accepting the award for Employee Engagement. This award represents the hard work that everyone at Unified AV has done to create an environment the employee-owners can be proud of.

How Unified AV Practices Employee Engagement

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Expanding Horizons via Distance Learning

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Distance Learning in the park

Distance Learning Breaks Down Walls

Gone are the days when learning was limited to the four walls of a classroom. Today, learning can happen anywhere, anytime, in practically any setting. It’s the true beauty of our world, and distance learning systems aren’t only changing the way we learn, they’re making learning easy to do.

It’s long been said that education is the key to success. The difficulty is that modern lifestyles leave little time for a commute to classrooms that may be a few miles, or even a few thousand miles away. Distance learning systems take “distance” out of the equation and provide Read More

So, You Want Wireless Mics in Your Conference Room?

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My earliest memory of a microphone is Bob Barker using his Sony ECM-51 microphone (mic) while watching The Price Is Right when I was home from school, sick. I distinctly remember the cord that was attached to the microphone. One day the familiar cord was replaced by a small box on the end of the mic. Bob went wireless!

For a long time, wireless mics have been a staple of the live sound and broadcast production environment. In the last ten years, wireless mics have proliferated the education, corporate, and conferencing environment.

The Popularity of Wireless Mics Has Grown

There are many reasons for the growth in popularity of wireless microphones.

  • Wireless mics allow the person speaking to be closer to the mic
  • No expensive floor drilling is needed to get wires to conference tables, desks, or other locations where mics provide the best coverage
  • Participants can pass a mic around so everyone can hear the audience/class questions

People sometimes ask if a mic will Read More

Propel your Business into the Future with Huddle Rooms

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Large Conference RoomCavernous conference rooms may have served the needs of companies in the past, but in today’s fast-moving business world where agility is crucial, the usefulness of these large spaces may not keep up. Huddle rooms are the alternative that can help your business keep pace.

Smaller Space, Greater Efficiency

Huddle rooms are small meeting spaces that provide all the technological features of a large conference room. In the same square footage required for a typical large conference room, multiple huddle rooms can be provided for employees, making them ideal for impromptu meetings and the quick brainstorming sessions today’s businesses thrive on. They also make it easy to meet with remote workers, an increasingly important factor in maintaining your company’s flexibility.

The snug size provides privacy and a distraction-free environment that boosts efficiency. Teams can get a lot more done when they’re not sharing one large conference room with other groups.

Huddle rooms are less expensive to Read More

Unified Remote Management – Have Confidence In Your AV Systems

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Remote Monitoring BannerIt’s all about having the confidence your rooms will work… every time.

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into the conference room to give a big presentation for one of your most important clients and your biggest anxiety is whether the audio or video equipment in the room will work. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the important proposal but you are nervously trying to get the presentation to display on the projector. Then realize the projector lamp had just blown. Your meeting has to be moved and you have to put in a service ticket to get the issue resolved.

Businessman Entering a MeetingWhy Unified Remote Management?

What if you had an automated remote management (RM) system that was checking 24/7 to see if your AV equipment was performing properly?  And, what if that system was tied to your AV partner’s service team?  In the scenario above, RM would have been keeping track of the lamp hours used on the projector. The service team received a notification indicating the lamp life was at a critical stage and needed replacement. Well before your meeting, they would install a fresh, new lamp in the projector, preempting your disruption. And, this would occur without you placing a single call to the service team. In fact, you can eliminate up to 90% Read More