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It’s the next best thing to being there.

Connecting in seconds rather than hours – now that makes sense. Videoconferencing allows you to collaborate instantly with employees, customers and vendors no matter where they are located. And, perhaps more importantly, it cuts down on travel and other meeting costs. Think about it: Would you rather race to the airport or race to your conference room?

Audio-Visual ConferencingVideoconferencing continues to grow in popularity, for several reasons. Videoconferencing increases flexibility and encourages collaboration, accelerates the decision-making process, and allows for better intra-company communications. Even companies with a single location are using videoconferencing to support customers in distant cities.

Larger organizations can realize significant savings in travel expenses, and avoid the new anti-terrorist restrictions and delays involved in moving presentation gear through airport security. An added benefit is that less travel means less CO2 in the atmosphere; and we all know when companies use green initiatives, people notice. For these reasons and more, many of our customers are taking advantage of falling Internet bandwidth prices by implementing a "travel free" solution to their meetings.

Design * Integrate * Maintain

We at Unified AV Systems have the products and know-how to integrate a reliable, easy-to-use videoconferencing system into your facility. We have a range of videoconferencing options that meet many different needs.

Our professional sales staff will show you how videoconferencing can enable travel free, multi-site meetings for a surprisingly low capital investment.
Best of all, videoconferencing pays for itself in saved travel costs after just a few meetings! If you need to squeeze maximum value out of every budget dollar, a videoconferencing solution from Unified AV Systems could be just what you’ve been looking for.

We craft intuitive control systems that simplify operations of the latest technology to make our clients look great and feel confident when sharing ideas with others. From projectors and displays to control systems and custom furniture, UAVS uses only the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. For a complete listing, view our e-catalog.

We’d like the chance to discuss videoconferencing with you, show you options, and answer your questions. Contact us.

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