Middle Atlantic, Shure, and QSC- Together Changing the Face of Telecommunication

The Backbone of the Change in How We Communicate

Collaboration is happening everywhere – from teams gathering for impromptu meetings in huddle spaces to classrooms being rearranged for active learning, these spaces demand top of the line technology with a solid furniture foundation. Our manufacturers are developing these items to meet today’s rapidly changing needs of business communication.

AV Ready Furniture is the Foundation

Middle Atlantic’s HUB table is an all-inclusive canvas that facilitates connectivity between multiple communication devices, giving you the highest quality meeting space possible.  It is designed to maximize equipment and cable storage and is built for system reliability, with color options that blend seamlessly into any environment. Some of the standard features included on every HUB table are:

  • TechPed table support- a technology pedestal providing 4RU of rackmounting, as well as space for cable retractors, power distribution, and a Lever Lock plate for small device mounting.
  • Wiremold’s InteGreat table box- this recessed box provides power and data for easy BYOD table top connections.
  • Wall display mount that will accommodate up to a 55 inch flat panel display

These versatile units can also be used as a freestanding huddle space with the addition of the optional display tower. The HUB can be customized with a VTC camera shelf, casters for in-room table movement, AVIP connectors, additional cable retractors and a white board backing for any non-digital content needs.

Global Communication In An Instant

In a time when communication happens instantaneously, technology must provide high quality global connectivity at a moment’s notice. Leading the way in this demand for technology is Shure’s Microflex Advance networked array microphones and QSC’s AV-to-USB bridging solutions. These revolutionary products are completely compatible with the HUB table and many other pieces in Middle Atlantic’s tech-ready furniture line.

Shure has been designing products for decades that are not only backed by the industry’s leading engineers, but have also been time-tested by some of the largest names in the audio industry. They are now fundamentally changing voice coverage in AV conferencing environments with their MXA series microphones. Discreet Ceiling arrays (MXA910) and low profile table top arrays (MXA310) provide versatility for any room size, shape and application with Steerable Coverage™ Technology, dramatically improving audio quality for any AV Conferencing application.

Plug-and-Play Professional Videoconferencing

Rounding out the industry’s developments in conferencing solutions is QSC’s AV-to-USB bridging products. QSC is delivering professional quality video conference feeds on an easy to use, plug-and-play platform while utilizing standard 2.0 USB connections. These products have been designed to make communication easier for all parties, with no drivers for the end user to download and install and no inconvenient admin-levels for IT-teams to manage. This solution also allows for long runs of connectivity using inexpensive network cable. By using PoE peripherals there is no need for additional external power at the installation point. QSC’s PTZ cameras capture images in a resolution up to 1080p/60 with fully automatic focus, exposure and white balance modes. 

Communication technology is changing every day, and our manufacturers and Unified AV are always working to bring you the best the industry has to offer.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Scott Channell & Lori Driggers

Scott Channell & Lori Driggers

Lori Driggers was new to the AV industry when she joined HWPco in 2015 as part of the Customer Solutions Group.A graduate of Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, with a degree in public relations, she is also half of HWP’s new marketing team with Scott Channell.

Scott Channell began working for HWPco in 2015, and has since gained experience with several different roles within the company. His primary role is Inventory Management, in addition to working alongside Lori Driggers as half of the marketing team.
Scott Channell & Lori Driggers

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