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Huddling Your Team in the Huddle Room

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Great ideas and critical meetings aren’t always planned. Regardless of industry or profession, the need to meet can happen when it’s least expected. When you are prepared and have the equipment you need ready to go, you can keep the momentum flowing in an environment where input and collaboration can make things happen quickly and efficiently.

Advancements in Technology

Technological advances have made it possible to conduct meetings anywhere, anytime. As the pace of everything from business to education continues to accelerate, huddle rooms are Read More

Audio waveform

Say Goodbye to Some of Your Wireless Mics (and other stuff)

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The 600 MHz Band

Back in 2012, the US Congress authorized the FCC to hold an “Incentive Auction” to repurpose a piece of the RF spectrum now known more publicly as “The 600 MHz Band.”  The reasoning was that consumer demand had driven a greater need for video and broadband services, and somebody has to give up something, somewhere.  I won’t go into great detail here because you can find tons of information on the Internet about it.  (It’s great reading if you are interested, or might be an Amateur Radio buff, like myself.)  I will also have a number of links below to give more information.  And even some videos!  Everybody loves YouTube, right?

The buyers of these newly-licensed frequencies are mostly Read More


3 Ways to Save Money When Doing Digital Signage

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So, your boss has asked you to plan for a Digital Signage network. You know there is going to be a significant investment, but you are wondering are there any ways that you can save your company money by planning ahead. Well, the answer is yes! If you take the time to identify the key elements of your Digital Signage network: Business reasons, Content needs, Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Design, and Operations, then you may be able to utilize one of these money-saving tips!

1. Think of Digital Signage in Construction Planning

You can recognize a real cost-savings if you are still in the construction phase of your building. You know you are planning to do Digital Signage, so you identify the key locations before you are finished putting in conduits and boxes. That way you can have electrical, and cable paths to each display location before your walls go up. Also, any location where you plan to Read More

8 Reasons Digital Room Signs Are Being Used For Room Reservation

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Whether you have meeting rooms for internal discussions or conference and event rooms for the public, your meeting facilities are almost certainly not being used to their fullest. Enter digital room signs – the best tool to help maximize space efficiency.


Connect Digital Room SignsDigital room signs are a sleek, contemporary way to manage shared spaces. As we move toward more human-centered interior design, it’s important to consider what people need for collaboration and productivity. By mounting signs outside meeting rooms, you ensure that people in those areas are always informed and included. Room signs can be easily surface mounted on glass or recessed in walls, and you can even use custom frames to match your décor. And Power-over-Ethernet cables mean that a single, easy-to-mask cable delivers both data and power. Most importantly, they replace printed schedules to reduce paper and waste.


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Projection Screen Technology: Overcoming Challenging Spaces

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Why Choose Projection Screen Technology?

In this day of large LCD and LED-backlit flat panel displays, flat panel video walls with shrinking bezels, and now the emerging LED video walls with shrinking pixel pitch (the distance Projection Screen Technologybetween the LED pixels), why would there still be conversations about projection and projection screen technology? Especially since the cost of flat panel displays has come down over the years. The two main reasons to consider projection vs. a direct-view display are the required size of the image and budget.

Determining the correct size of a display image requires consideration of many different factors. First, we must decide how far away the furthest viewer will be from the image. Next, we get the viewing angle of the viewers most distant from the center line of the image.
While a wall mounted 70″ display will provide the needed image size for a conference room, it will not work for an auditorium or large meeting hall. There are several ways we create a larger display for these spaces. Creating a video wall of multiple flat panel displays or a LED video wall are two options, but for many customers, those solutions are out of their budget. For many clients, projection technology is still the best fit.

Challenges AV Integrators Face When Projection Screen Technology is Considered

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Digital internet technology for video conferencing

Video Conferencing – Hard Codec Versus Soft Codec

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Video conferencing can convey far more information than an audio call ever could, by adding the ability to see others in the call and take in their visual cues. Add in the fact that you can share content across a video call, so that others can see it in their own environment, and video conferencing becomes a power tool of communication. As traditional conference rooms are squeezed out of corporate spaces in favor of the “Huddle Room,” video calling simply needs to be made more accessible to a larger number of people. Read that word “accessible” in a dollars-and-sense fashion, and it becomes the word “affordable.”

Another very important question when deploying video conferencing is, “just who are you going to be calling?” If your new VTC unit can’t call your important clients because they aren’t using compatible technologies, just how useful is that going to be for your company, or theirs? The solution may be a cross-platform cloud subscription.

Hard Codec Vs. Soft Codec for Video Conferencing

Once you decide to employ a video conferencing system, a big decision to be made is whether to use a system requiring a Hard Codec or a Soft Codec.

What exactly is a Codec?

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Digital Signs Sky Is the Limit

Using Digital Signage Displays To Influence Your Target Audience

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Digital signage displays are being found everywhere. To sell products, certainly, but also to communicate key information in schools, in travel hubs, in government buildings — you name it. In the years since digital signage made its debut, most of us now expect to find a digital sign somewhere close by — indoors or outside.

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with digital signage displays, but it’s not just anything goes. It’s important to understand what turns people off and what engages them, so you can maximize your influence with your digital signage. For instance, no one likes to engage with an interactive display and be blasted first thing by an obnoxious, loud commercial. You may well drive off your target audience that way. Following are some other suggestions. Read More

Professional AV Control Systems Help Keep Audiences Engaged

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Speaker Using AV Control SystemWhen it comes to an AV control system, ease of use is key. From educators in the classroom to professional presenters in the conference room, no one wants to fumble with complicated controls while an audience is waiting. Intuitive controls and ease of operation are the hallmarks of a well-integrated system designed to facilitate the presentation, minimize lapses and keep Read More

Audio Enhancement instead of yelling

Audio Enhancement Improves Student Success

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Losing a student’s attention in the classroom can trigger a cascade of negative consequences, from lower test scores to increased on-task time needed to absorb educational material. One of the major contributors to loss of attention in the classroom is simply that the students can’t hear the lesson. Increasingly, educators are turning to audio enhancement as a way to improve student engagement.

Hear Better, Learn More

Students answering teacher's questions in classroomClassroom audio solutions can be customized according to need, but there are some basics that should be met. For instance, Read More

Connection plugs and wires used in auto switching

Auto Switching for Smoother, Easier Presentations

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Unified AV designs auto switching into sophisticated meeting rooms. With all of the different types of technology available today, people are looking for new ways to connect and share collaborative multimedia presentations. Whether you are teaching in school or presenting information in the boardroom, this approach keeps your audience more interested and engaged.

bad connectionsUnfortunately, some of those benefits dissipate when gaps form between presenters or input devices. One way to minimize this problem is to utilize auto switching. Building a system that includes and uses an auto switcher keeps your presentations transitioning smoothly and lets you build more content in as you go.

Plug and Play

When auto switching is part of your system, you can shift easily between connection types without having to Read More