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Interactive Digital Wayfinding

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Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Visix interactive digital wayfinding

Interactive digital wayfinding maps such as these by our partner, Visix, Inc., lead visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient one-stop source for information.

When visitors to your facility arrive, they expect to be able to find their destination without an escort. In recent years static building directories have given way to interactive digital wayfinding. These dynamic systems offer users and owners several benefits over their passive predecessors.

Meeting Expectations of Digital Natives with Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Due to the interactive digital qualities of the system, users can experience much more than a backlit map and corresponding list of tenants. Search tools allow users to locate their destination quickly by name. Some systems link a Read More

Web Collaboration, Seeing is Believing! 3 Must-Haves to Make it Work

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In most areas of the country, real estate is at a premium. That also translates to high costs for office space. Employers are looking to get the most productivity per square foot within their facilities. Additionally, people may be most productive when they can be away from the office to concentrate on a detailed, specific project.

FacetimeThese objectives trigger the popular model of mobile team members. However, it is important not to diminish their input just because they are not filling a seat at the conference table. The best way to have them virtually join the discussion is by utilizing the tools they already have – a laptop or tablet. These tools already have a camera and microphone so all you need is a reliable internet signal and they will be able to participate. Now, web collaboration and video conferencing have expanded beyond the Boardroom. Does anyone use FaceTime?

It all sounds simple, right?  Well, not quite.

Three things you must have to make web collaboration work:

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Interactive Technology Makes One-to-One Student Collaboration Easy

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Most of the time, educational technology focuses on bringing everyone together. Classroom SMART boards and interactive flat panels allow different inputs and connections among class members during a presentation. The ability to quickly and conveniently share content helps keep everyone engaged. Interactive devices also allow tremendous opportunities to create and extend one-on-one interactions in the classroom. Investment in interactive classroom display and presentation technology can help you reach and engage more students in direct, one-to-one student collaboration.

Teacher-Student Collaboration

Student using Interactive DisplayTeachers can be more effective when they collaborate one-on-one with students. A technique many educators use on all levels is to call on students and have them individually answer questions. With interactive technology, though, you can take this engagement to a new level. Teachers can present information and have students engage either on-screen utilizing a touch display or connected interaction through a wireless device. This collaboration adds a visual and Read More

Unified Collaboration and Video Conferencing systems at Infocomm 2017

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Video Conferencing and Meeting Collaboration

LifesizeWith the increasing demand for meeting space, the industry estimates that over 50% of existing meeting spaces do not offer users any AV/IT presentation technologies.

The rapid deployment of mobile devices capable of participating in Unified Conferencing and Collaboration (UCC) is a trend that continues to develop AV centric technologies being more reliant and running over IP networks. It is worth noting most end users attending this year’s InfoComm had a similar request…”How can we connect and conduct quality productive meetings seamlessly from Anywhere, at Any time and on Any Device?” End users want the ability to quickly and easily connect and present from any device, locally within the space and with others remotely.

Exhibitors at this year’s show Read More

Switching and Transport – Infocomm 2017

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Switching and transport solutions showcased at InfoComm 2017

AMX switcherSome companies have AV; all companies have IT. Many audiovisual manufacturers embraced this trend at this year’s InfoComm 2017 conference in Orlando, FL. IT departments are the focus of much of the innovative switching, and AV transport products.

IT departments are increasingly becoming the resource within companies that provide and support audiovisual technology.

One common thread across many AV manufacturers at InfoComm this year is Read More

Display Solutions Infocomm 2017

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DisplayIntroducing a premier large-venue laser projector line by EPSON

Essentially maintenance free operation with no lamp to replace saving your organization in operations costs. Immediate power up and down, no warm up or cool down period.

NEC PA Series Laser Projector Line

Ranging from 6500 – 9000 lumens and XGA – WUXGA resolution this series offers options for any installation. Outfitted with powered lenses for focus, zoom and lens shift makes for an easier, more flexible installation.

Projection Mapping

Projection MappingSophisticated projectors and software are necessary to produce flawless projection mapping Read More

New and Improved Mounting Solutions

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Projection MountWith all the new and exciting displays and projectors flooding today’s market, it’s just as important to have a solid and safe solution for mounting them. Versatility is essential for modern visual performance while structural stability helps to ensure that the equipment will stay in place safely for as long as desired.

What’s new in Projector Mounts?

Projectors can be an interesting challenge for some venues. Facilities that need the larger visual effect often have more structure to work around. Higher, vaulted ceilings require flexibility from the equipment keeping the projector in the air.

Projection Screens for that Hard to Fit Room.

Projection screens have been around for a long time. With newer, higher video resolutions now available from current projectors, it’s important for manufacturers to keep up with newer fabric designs capable of keeping up. We make sure to work with the teams that are on the forefront of technology.

Making things Easier for Display Installations.

Some of the challenges with any display installation, regardless of its size or configuration, are access to its support structure and knowing it will stay where you need it for as long as you need. Newer models offer Read More

Mics and Speakers – Infocomm 2017

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MicsIn the 2017 version of InfoComm, disappearing mics and speakers took center stage. Manufacturers have taken to heart architects’ demand to hide the technology.

When you discuss wireless mics, you need to be concerned about the operating frequency of their signals. Many manufacturers showed the traditional form of wireless handheld and lapel mics. Influenced by what is becoming more popular at church and other venues, the over-the-ear mics are becoming more popular and less visible.

So, we found mics and speakers and Read More

Digital Signage at Infocomm 2017

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Curved LEDThe product with the most emphasis was definitely LED displays. These displays were everywhere in every configuration. From traditional 16:9 landscape or portrait configurations to odd geometric patterns, wavy walls, and floors for dancers and even cars!  We believe that LED Display technology will play a significant role in the AV integration business.  There are just so many applications and so many capabilities that cannot be done with traditional LCD or OLED.

Why all the LED hype?

Just like all technology, this is one that used to be out of reach for the typical business; reserved for Times Square advertisements and mega-corporation use only. Similarly, as technology has advanced, the price has come down even as the products have improved. What used to be an outdoor-only type of display has found its way inside for applications with high ambient lighting.

Content Management Systems

There will likely never be one panacea or perfect CMS because most of the CMS companies originally focused on a specific vertical, such as way-finding. So, their CMS does way-finding extremely well and will also support many other verticals within Digital Signage, but maybe not the best for a retail application, for example.   That would be where our Digital Signage team would be your best resource. We can help you determine the best CMS for your needs and your budget.

Infrastructure for Digital Signage

Flat panels continue to be the number one choice for Digital Signage applications. The OLEDs are making Read More

Digital Signal Processors and Amplifiers

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Soft Codec Solutions

Soft codec componentsDigital Processor manufacturers are moving to I/O USB bridging to allow plug and play solutions for soft codecs. This easy connection to your laptop or PC will now send and receive audio and video for such soft codecs as Skype and Zoom. These systems are easily controlled with the manufacturer’s new programmable touch panels. These systems are a great option for small conference rooms.

Smaller systems are now available with array microphones giving the far end premium sound, without needing a rack. Plug in a small USB camera and a laptop for conferencing in Huddle spaces.


There is now a greater benefit to Read More