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Education Technology Makes Learning a Fun Game

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SMART Matching Game

On the SMART Exchange educators can find tens of thousands of free lesson resources for SMART software, posted by other educators, SMART, and third-party developers. They are able to modify these games, or create their own, to encompass the material specific to their class and lessons.

Education technology, or #edtech, is what is driving gamified learning and turning a lot of heads in classrooms and at school board meetings. Children, excited to be playing games in school, are learning in some of the most student-centered ways possible. They are happy, feel supported and encouraged, and are keenly competitive to do better. Electronic games for education have been around for decades, but with smart boards in the classroom, the ease of implementing game-based learning using classroom technology is converting many teachers to this interactive, engaging teaching tool.

Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s 1983 theory of multiple intelligences still holds sway among the best educators. Some students learn interactively; some learn visually. Audio visual solutions for the classroom, such as a smart whiteboard that replaces the stodgy chalkboard, are perfectly suited to several of Gardner’s classifications of learners: Read More

Measuring Results

What Gets Measured Has a Budget Next Year

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The familiar phrase “What gets measured gets done” could not be truer, but let’s take it a step further. Typically, you measure those things of value. If they prove their worth, they will have a budget next year. Digital signage is one of those things you must constantly re-evaluate.  The investment in a Digital Signage program should include time for evaluation of effectiveness. Without a regular assessment of your metrics, your Digital Signage investment may fall short of intended impact or become irrelevant in your space.  So, whether you have a retail network or a corporate communication network, establishing evaluation metrics and reviewing those metrics are important!

Steps for Measuring Your Digital Signage Program’s Effectiveness.

First, we must Read More

Sound waves

Acoustical Design That Works for Small Meeting Spaces

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Acoustical Challenges in Today’s Meeting Spaces

Speak in a typical small meeting space and notice how your voice seems to keep bouncing around. This phenomenon is a common issue in small rooms typically used for conferencing. Modern construction methods make things worse by incorporating hard construction materials like large panes of glass, drywall, wood, and concrete.

Small spaces have different acoustical challenges than larger spaces. Many small rooms suffer from flutter echoes. Flutter echoes are what happens when a sound bounces back and forth between parallel surfaces. If you are ever in a room with parallel surfaces, clap your hands, and you can hear the “flutter” sound. Small rooms also have certain frequencies that are more pronounced than others. These frequencies are a result of the specific room dimensions. You may notice that some rooms have more bass than others even if the same speaker types are used in each room.

Today’s Trend for Meeting Areas

Can you hear meThe trend for meeting areas is moving toward huddle spaces, capable of small, ad hoc meetings and away from traditional, large conference rooms. Participants meeting in these spaces tend to be more tolerant of acoustical issues, except in extreme cases. The sound may bounce around, but, typically, participants can Read More

Heart and Head

Creating an Emotional Connection with Dynamic Digital Signage

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Our emotions play a critical role in everything we do, especially in what we buy or how we determine how important something may be. If you have invested in dynamic digital signage (DDS), you need to consider the emotional impact that every single piece of content will have on your audience. Let’s briefly explore the key elements you need to consider with your DDS system.

Your Intended Audience Must Be Able to Physically See Your Content

Determine the Proper Size for Your Display

Viewing DimensionsIf your audience cannot read your message, you have no chance to influence or connect with their emotions. While hardware choices today are very simple compared to years past, an organization must still adhere to some very basic rules of physics to make that emotional and cognitive connection. The display surface, which can be anything from a small touch panel to a large outdoor LED sign, must be big enough for a person to engage without strain. Your surface must also be of sufficient quality for a person you want to influence to see and have an emotional response. You must understand and respect the 4-6-8 rule for viewing distance as it applies to the height of the DDS surface.

Determine the Proper Dwell Time for Your Content

You must understand dwell time Read More

How to Choose a Wireless Presentation System

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Wireless Presentation

Who doesn’t want options?  We spend our day making thousands of choices including what to eat, what to drink and what clothes to wear.  When shopping online, we read reviews, compare costs, and balance features that are important to us.  Sometimes too many choices can be paralyzing in modern day consumerism.  What if instead of looking at the product, we start from within? What do I really need…before reading every label? Now let’s apply this process to selecting a BYOD Wireless Presentation System.

The devices that enable Wireless Presentation have become commonplace in the modern-day conference room.  These convenient appliances allow you to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and present to the display for seamless sharing of digital content through a wireless connection.  Sounds like an easy choice, right? Sure, I’ll take one…oh, wait…how many are on the market now?  There are many variables you need to know before ever assessing the product lineup. Read More

Maze Entry

Interactive Digital Wayfinding

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Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Visix interactive digital wayfinding

Interactive digital wayfinding maps such as these by our partner, Visix, Inc., lead visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient one-stop source for information.

When visitors to your facility arrive, they expect to be able to find their destination without an escort. In recent years static building directories have given way to interactive digital wayfinding. These dynamic systems offer users and owners several benefits over their passive predecessors.

Meeting Expectations of Digital Natives with Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Due to the interactive digital qualities of the system, users can experience much more than a backlit map and corresponding list of tenants. Search tools allow users to locate their destination quickly by name. Some systems link a Read More

Web Collaboration, Seeing is Believing! 3 Must-Haves to Make it Work

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In most areas of the country, real estate is at a premium. That also translates to high costs for office space. Employers are looking to get the most productivity per square foot within their facilities. Additionally, people may be most productive when they can be away from the office to concentrate on a detailed, specific project.

FacetimeThese objectives trigger the popular model of mobile team members. However, it is important not to diminish their input just because they are not filling a seat at the conference table. The best way to have them virtually join the discussion is by utilizing the tools they already have – a laptop or tablet. These tools already have a camera and microphone so all you need is a reliable internet signal and they will be able to participate. Now, web collaboration and video conferencing have expanded beyond the Boardroom. Does anyone use FaceTime?

It all sounds simple, right?  Well, not quite.

Three things you must have to make web collaboration work:

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Interactive Technology Makes One-to-One Student Collaboration Easy

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Most of the time, educational technology focuses on bringing everyone together. Classroom SMART boards and interactive flat panels allow different inputs and connections among class members during a presentation. The ability to quickly and conveniently share content helps keep everyone engaged. Interactive devices also allow tremendous opportunities to create and extend one-on-one interactions in the classroom. Investment in interactive classroom display and presentation technology can help you reach and engage more students in direct, one-to-one student collaboration.

Teacher-Student Collaboration

Student using Interactive DisplayTeachers can be more effective when they collaborate one-on-one with students. A technique many educators use on all levels is to call on students and have them individually answer questions. With interactive technology, though, you can take this engagement to a new level. Teachers can present information and have students engage either on-screen utilizing a touch display or connected interaction through a wireless device. This collaboration adds a visual and Read More

Unified Collaboration and Video Conferencing systems at Infocomm 2017

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Video Conferencing and Meeting Collaboration

LifesizeWith the increasing demand for meeting space, the industry estimates that over 50% of existing meeting spaces do not offer users any AV/IT presentation technologies.

The rapid deployment of mobile devices capable of participating in Unified Conferencing and Collaboration (UCC) is a trend that continues to develop AV centric technologies being more reliant and running over IP networks. It is worth noting most end users attending this year’s InfoComm had a similar request…”How can we connect and conduct quality productive meetings seamlessly from Anywhere, at Any time and on Any Device?” End users want the ability to quickly and easily connect and present from any device, locally within the space and with others remotely.

Exhibitors at this year’s show Read More

Switching and Transport – Infocomm 2017

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Switching and transport solutions showcased at InfoComm 2017

AMX switcherSome companies have AV; all companies have IT. Many audiovisual manufacturers embraced this trend at this year’s InfoComm 2017 conference in Orlando, FL. IT departments are the focus of much of the innovative switching, and AV transport products.

IT departments are increasingly becoming the resource within companies that provide and support audiovisual technology.

One common thread across many AV manufacturers at InfoComm this year is Read More